Reesa and The Rooters in Baltimore

by Reesa Marchetti

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From a More than Occasional but Less than Regular Marble Bar Performer
(See the '80s Philly indie music scene at Relive the '80s.)

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Reesa and Larry of the Rooters live at the Marble BarMy performances were a reflection of my hippie past that included running offstage into the crowd, as well as tumbling around while singing and playing organ or guitar, or checking my makeup in a compact mirror.

(L-R, Larry, space helmet on Farfisa, and Reesa onstage at the Marble Bar)

Michael Yokel’s Baltimore City Paper review of one of our Marble shows called the Rooters’ music “recidivistic,” and said I rolled around on stage “like John and Yoko during their Live, Peace in Toronto, 1969, days.” I took that as a compliment.

Play live "Nervous Breakdown" video taped at Dundalk Community College:

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Cherie exuded a quieter, more demure sexiness as she sang lead on such songs as “Ultraman in Surf Villa” and “Pierre.” The latter was Larry's vision of Marie Curie, whose husband discovered radium.

In the heat of their rowdy dancing, audience members would often hand me toys, hats, narrow ties, or various souvenirs that I would take on stage. We always traded records and buttons with other bands, especially the ones we worked with. I still have many of them tucked away in a drawer.

Following one Saturday gig with Root Boy Slim at Columbia Station in D.C., the Rooters made a rare Sunday appearance at a Marble Battle of the Bands. I think at that show I wore a bridal gown and enlisted Adolf to roll around on the floor with me during the Eddie Cochran-penned “Nervous Breakdown.”