Reesa and The Rooters in Baltimore

by Reesa Marchetti

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From a More than Occasional but Less than Regular Marble Bar Performer
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Reesa and the Rooters with Dwight Allen on drums in The Bijou dressing roomThe Marble dressing room offered several well-worn couches to rest on, and plenty of wall space for marking your band’s name. It was usually crowded with fans and musicians. (L-R, Larry, Dwight Allen, Reesa, and Cherie prepare to go onstage in a dressing room with much less character than the Marble's.)

When Cherie and I coordinated our miniskirted outfits for each set, I thought nothing of tearing off my top and changing in front of the dressing-room clan. But Cherie demanded privacy, and would ask the non-Rooters to leave.

Roger Anderson would stop by in his congenial way to see if we needed anything, and to talk about musical issues such as which guitar Larry would be playing, or what odd props I might use onstage that night. On at least one occasion, Roger and LesLee's band, The Alcoholics, opened the show for us.

We were also approached by people who had serious proposals for the band to consider. Joe Clem, a student, asked us to record a music video at Dundalk Community College. When the Rooters played the Marble in August 1981, we stayed overnight to do a live taping at his school.

Rod Misey, a Towson University radio DJ, wanted a copy of "TMI" for the WCVT playlist.

Live "TMI" video from Dundalk Community College:

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And Rita (whose last name is lost in the haze of my memory) asked Suburban Wives Club to perform two gigs at Oddfellows Hall in Towson. But most of the would-be promoters only offered us dreams.

Dressing roomDuring its three-year life span, the Rooters had many drummers, including Joe Putiri (the first), Eddie K (Kamarauskus), Mark Stinger (seen in the above video and in photo on left), Bob Z, Tommy Meyers, and Dwight Allen (the last).

LesLee was tickled by the frequent changes, and would watch each time we returned to the Marble to see if we brought a new drummer.